The Simpsons™: Tapped Out Donuts

There were several versions of the Simpsons games, but this one here is a bit special. The gameplay is very different than we got used to it, so you will enjoy new moments and being able to experience new possibilities. The main goal of the game is to build your own Springfield.

Rebuilt the city from scratch

At the beginning of the game, you will have to completely rebuild Springfield. The character responsible for its destruction is Homer, of course. He caused a reactor meltdown and now there isn’t anything left from the city. On the other side, this allows you to build new constructions, new streets and to inhabit the city with people (characters from the TV series). There are no limitations, so you can literally do anything you want.

Control the characters

How many times did you want to increase working hours of Apu or to change something in the city? Now you finally can. Basically, you will be the ruler of the city. Anything you want to do is possible. For example, if you want to increase violence, to make characters unhappy or happy, you can. An interesting feature is being able to force the characters doing something bad, like Moes and his illegal animal importing.

Expand the city and open new stores

Once you have rebuilt the city, you will have a possibility to expand it. Make Springfield 4 times larger than in the series, open new shops and start generating more money. It is up to you which path you want to choose. In essence, you should make a city profitable in order to invest the funds into new constructions and new features. This is the everlasting game.

Dress characters as you want

Not only you will be able to control the movement or the actions of the characters, you can also dress them as you like. There are 9 different outfits, including some of the most original. Bart can be dressed as a daredevil, while Lisa has a Lizard costume. Don’t forget to bring Homer back to his family. After the meltdown, he isn’t in a great relationship with Marge and his children.

Defend the city

One of the more interesting additions is the element of the game where you must defend the city. During the gameplay, you will have a variety of enemies. In some cases, you can even expect aliens to come and to try to conquer the city. By all means necessary, you must prevent that. Besides threats of this kind, you will also have to prevent further damages of the city, mostly caused by Homer.


  • Freedom controlling the city
  • All characters from the series are available
  • There is always some threat or action must be taken
  • Funny


  • Slow progress

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